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Our technology removes the barrier that once limited access to thousands of disconnected data sources that once required data scientists to decipher. We do so by pre-processing the data to display operational insights needed to invoke decision-making processes, allocate resources and provide the context needed to make informed decisions.

Safe Cities

Our technology generates data with the missing historical, geospatial and consequential context required to justify dispatching of ground forces along distances to only verify the certainty of each event, consuming resources causing loss of operational awareness but also imposing excessive costs.

Border Control & Perimeter Protection
Critical Infrastructure


Physical & Cyber Space

We provide enterprises an innovative integrated security solution that rethinks how visibility and control is provided with the challenges of big data in mind, thus enabling professionals to handle more incidents while also improving situational awareness capabilities.

Enterprise Security

Facilities associated with the generation of electricity, telecommunication, water supply, production and distribution of flammable substances like gas and oil are now required to implement Cyber Security measures and Physical Security technologies by regulation (CIP standards 002 through 009) and applied by national security agencies around the globe. 


Our solution is designed to help inexperienced industries to catch up by providing an advanced, yet friendly solution. 


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